6 Practical Tips When Buying a Commercial Fridge

Commercial refrigeration is highly important for the food industry, as it plays a major role in storing, processing, and selling food. Especially when you are running a restaurant or a small food shop, a commercial refrigerator, such as a food display fridge, should be one of your main assets. Make no mistake—running a food service business can be really difficult without it. With that said, here are five helpful tips on purchasing such a big ticket item:

Assess Your Floor Space

There is a lot of factors that you need to consider before buying a commercial fridge for your business. One of them is the existing space that you have for storing perishable goods. If you have a restaurant or a convenience store, for example, a 2 door upright freezer may be your best choice. When you are selling ice cream, then you can go for units, like an elegant-looking gelato fridge. The point here is that you should get a unit that will fit your space and can accommodate everything that you need to put in it.

Choose a Practical Design

Practicality is a very important factor when choosing a commercial refrigerator for your business. If you run a convenience store, for example, it is just typical to choose a food display fridge or a two door freezer upright model that offers the features that you need. Also, you should make sure that its design and build are suited for your establishment. In a way, the unit should be pleasing whether it is for display or not. Visit at Cold Display Solutions

Consider Energy Efficiency

As energy prices continue to rise, efficiency in refrigeration systems is highly sought for. So, before hitting the checkout counter when buying a fridge, be sure to read the energy efficiency chart that is attached to it. Typically, models from popular brands are more efficient than lower-end units. Now, you will be able to cut your energy bills comes the end of each month.

Compare Brands

Brand credibility is important when looking for a food display fridge, refrigerated merchandiser, or any other kind of commercial fridge. While you might think that low-end models will save you more money, it will not. It can even cause your business to suffer losses—spoiled food and unhappy customers.

When choosing a brand of commercial refrigerator, go for those that come with high-quality repair and maintenance services. This will ensure your unit will be in good working condition at all times.

Think of Its Outward Appearance

One thing that customers would initially notice is the way your products are stored and displayed. With that in mind, you should choose a fridge that is truly presentable. Check its general aesthetics—colour, build, shape, special features, etc.—and you can assure yourself it won’t be out of place.

Scrutinise Quality

Quality comes with the brand of the commercial refrigerator of your choice. If you are yet in a dilemma, choose a brand with positive feedback from random customers. You can read reviews online or ask recommendations from your friends and colleagues.

If you want to install a commercial refrigerator for your food business, be sure to call only the trusted refrigeration specialists, like Cold Display Solutions. For more information, visit their website at: https://coldsolutions.com.au/product/cake-food-displays-buy/