Improving your bathroom with tap replacements

If you know that fixtures and taps can significantly improve your bathroom, you’ll never see them in the same way again! In fact, it’s one of the easiest bathroom renovations and refurbishments you can do.

bathroom renovations

And, it’s not just about having a bathroom water supply. It’s how you and your family experience your bathroom as well. Aesthetics and convenience are big considerations. But, how a tap releases water is also a vital factor to think about.

Thus, you should start appreciating the things simple taps can provide.

Perfect bathroom renovations with simple taps and other fixtures

Planning to do minor upgrades in your Melbourne property? Find the right taps and fixtures for bathrooms Melbourne can offer.

Compatibility with your bathroom design

Always start by considering the style and design of your bathroom. Focus on the size and features of the area where you plan to install the tap. This dictates the appropriate fixture you should buy and install.

For example, avoid high neck taps for bathroom sink, especially if you have a cabinet above it. Moreover, be sure the holes of the tap match the number of holes on the mounting surface. This means installation is done without the need of doing some modifications. Click here CMD Bathroom Renovations

Water flow and control

Next, consider the valves or cartridges of the tap you’re eyeing on for the appropriate volume of water flow and good temperature controls too.

Avoid old designs of compression or ball valves. For your small bathroom renovations, choose brass and plastic cartridges. These are the current standard for taps nowadays.

A ceramic disk cartridge is also a good choice, since it only requires a soft short turn to activate. Not to mention it’s highly durable as well.


Bathroom renovations can include the use of various showerhead types today. You can opt for the traditional wall-mounted type or go for hand-held variations.

You can also consider how you want the shower to release water. For example, aerated showerheads can produce a misty spray by mixing water with air.

Another example is the double showerhead. It provides traditional rain shower flow, but spreads at a wider range, that it can shower two people at once.

Safety and ease of control

Aside from the valves and cartridges mentioned earlier, you can consider other safety and control features too. And, that’s important if you have kids, elderlies, or somebody with mobility problems in the family.

Scald protection is a good example of such feature. It keeps the handle from going to the maximum hot temperature. This is helpful for somebody who can’t easily pull back the handle so the water temperature drops.

Choosing a lever handle on your next bathroom renovations is also great for people with mobility problems, allowing them to turn the handle with little force. Automatic taps with motion sensors are also available.

You can then search for the best finish or style that fits your bathroom. You can opt for brass, chrome, plastic or other available types.

The overall look of your bathroom is sure to enhance your mood the moment you step inside it. This makes for a good experience.

Of course, be sure to hire the best small bathroom renovations Melbourne experts who can help you. Connect with for quality services.