Choosing the Right Flooring: for added sophistication without compromising durability

There are a lot of simple elements that can easily transform the interior décor of any place, ranging from the walls to the curtains. However, one thing that is easily notable is the flooring. Flooring basically is the temporary or permanent covering with any finishing material applied to the floor surface. Flooring designs come in numerous styles, patterns, materials, and sometimes, getting the perfect one can be quite overwhelming. Let the professionals handle it by consulting any of the stores, which sell flooring in Geelong, and who have a wider variety of flooring types.

Types of Flooring

Wood – Known for its natural beauty and durability, wood is definitely among the popular flooring styles. It always brings that classical look that harmonizes well with any furniture. Different woods have distinctive grain patterns. Some of the popular woods used include: maple, oak, pecan, mesquite, black walnut, and chinquapin. There are some exotic hardwoods that are expensive and mostly imported, which include: African pedauk, Brazilian cherry and purple heart. The sleek finish on most wood flooring may perhaps include some additives like acrylic, ceramics and aluminum oxide.

Bamboo – This type of flooring has grown popular because it almost resembles wood; the only difference is it isn’t hard. During installation, bamboo strands are fitted closely together to form sturdy strips. Its grain pattern is either vertical, flat or woven, with each displaying a certain characteristic. The main advantage of this type of flooring is that bamboo is very durable and strong.

Laminate – Available in a wide variety of styles and patterns, laminate is close to engineered wood. Very easy to maintain, the top layer of laminate is from compressed fibers or plywood, thus a plastic coating. Laminates can be found in the form of tiles or planks; above all, they can be installed on top of any flooring material.

Ceramic tiles – Available in different shapes, sizes, designs, patterns, colors, textures, these have become one of the most commonly used flooring styles. Ceramic tiles are manufactured from a mixture of baked shale and clay. They can either be glazed, terracotta, porcelain, or quarry.

Vinyl – Flexible and soft, vinyl tiles offer a perfect robust flooring style. They are known to be very tough, durable, and easy to maintain. They are also available in a wide selection of patterns and colors. The thicker the vinyl tile, the better the quality.

Stones – If you want to bring that touch of luxury and sophistication, then this is the perfect flooring style. The limestones and sandtones, which are softstones, have a much softer tone. One can also use harder stones such as marble or granite. Its ability to resist any stains and moisture primarily depends on the hardness.

Which such wide options of flooring in Geelong, you can hardly miss one that suits your lifestyle.

Choosing the Perfect Flooring

Getting the perfect floor style from the flooring in Geelong may seem nerve-racking. But some factors such as the size, durability, maintenance, price and also the area to be put such as kitchen, bathroom or living room may determine the type of flooring you choose.