A Noob’s Three-Step Guide to Creating a Plan for a Family-Friendly Bathroom

Are you newlyweds settling down in your new home? Or are you a home designer fresh from the university who’ve volunteered to remake your sibling’s bathroom for portfolio purposes? Whichever is the case, you could certainly use some ideas to start your bathroom renovations project.

The bathroom is one of the home areas that you can design to your heart’s content. However, for the sake of general usability, you might like to make it gender neutral. Yes, you need exert more effort to achieve this goal. You can start with this three-step process for the planning stage:

Step 1: Follow a gender and age-neutral trend.

For a start, you need to make the bathroom suitable for everyone in the family. Consider the preferences of the kids, as well as the husband, wife, and the male and female siblings. Specifically, you can apply one of the following gender-neutral designs:

  1. Zen Design – Have the right choice of plants. Opt for organic materials. And paint the area with the refreshing blue-white-green color combination. Click here CMD Bathroom Renovations
  2. Monochrome – This is best to create a clean and classy ambience for your bathroom.
  3. Classic Colours and Shapes – With this design, you can create a space that’s homely. You can just hang frames and decors to add a touch of appeal to the area.
  4. Earth-tone – Brown, blue, and green are awesome colors to paint your bathroom with. This also brings out a refreshing vibe your toddlers and teenagers would love.

With a doable design in mind, you can collaborate effectively with renovators of bathrooms Melbourne has in store for you.

Step 2: Buy the right fixtures.

Bear in mind that the bathroom tends to be slippery. Hence, this is one of the areas of the house where a lot of slip and fall accidents happen. To make your bathroom renovations project a success, have these fixtures and features:

  1. Bath fixtures and adjustable showerhead
  2. Grab bars
  3. Hooks installed at different heights
  4. Storage options
  5. Vanity table

The right fixtures can spell the difference between safety and emergencies at home. Especially if you have toddlers and elderly people, fixtures for safety are necessary.

Step 3: Hire experts for the installation and renovation

Lastly, once you have a doable plan and list of fixtures to buy, contact experts who can help you achieve your goal. Avail of services for small bathroom renovations Melbourne contractors offer, such as plumbing and installation of tiles. You may also call seek guidance from expert home designers to know where best to source your supplies. Doing this helps you save and speed up the renovation process.

Remember that designing the bathroom effectively at the very start reduces the likelihood of future bathroom renovations. Yes, it’s good to spend time and money for regular maintenance. However, having a well-designed bathroom ultimately saves you from the costly major renovation projects. Hence, it makes sense to call on experts, such as plumbers, and tile installers such as CMD Plumbing. They can do fast but effective small bathroom renovations, particularly.