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Pump filter always getting clogged

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Created 2009-07-14
Modified 2009-07-14
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Author Brigitte Burchett

I have a ~200 gallon Koi pond. The pump feeds the water to a slightly larger filter with UV.

The problem I am having is that I am having to clean out the smaller filter attached to the pump on a daily basis. When it gets real hot, sometimes 2wice a day. I am using pond blocks which help out tremendously

Do you have any recommendations for me?



I am sorry to say, but at least part of the problem are your Koi! Each Koi needs about 750 gallons of water with heavy duty filtration. Koi grow very fast. They eat and put out waste accordingly. This waste feeds algae, etc in the pond. A lot of that ends up in the filter.
The situation can be helped somewhat by a) using high dosages of beneficial bacteria and b) adding lots of oxygen to the pond.

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